Division Operator Example Java Program


Operators are constructs which behave generally like functions, but which differ syntactically or semantically from usual functions. Common simple examples include arithmetic (addition with +, comparison with >) and logical operations (such as AND or &&). More involved examples include assignment (usually = or :=), field access in a record or object (usually .), and the scope resolution operator (often ::). Addition and assignment operator means "find the number stored in the variable x, add 1 to it, and store the result of the addition in the variable x."


data_type variable_name = number / number;

Division Operator Example Program

class DivisionOperator{
	public static void main(String[] args){
		int num1,num2,result;
		System.out.println("num1=12; num2=4");
		System.out.println("The result after division operation is : "+result);

Sample Output

Output is
num1=12; num2=4
The result after division operation is : 3